Random things that were said today

* I was not in Mommy’s tummy, I was in her shirt. — Timothy (said to Emily when she was talking about a time when I was pregnant with Timothy)

* If I don’t get candy for going potty, then I don’t want to be potty trained. — Timothy (after we explained that the treats were rewards for Zachary going potty. Timothy is already potty trained, so he doesn’t get treats anymore)

* I didn’t know the words, so I just made some up. — Emily (singing the “I’m a Barbie Girl” song)

* Daddy not in a meeting, Daddy at work. — Zachary (after I explained to Timothy why Scott couldn’t come sit with him at swimming lessons today)

* Can I still read before I go to bed? — Emily (talking about the end of the reading contest)

* Why are we at our old Wal-Mart? — Timothy (when we pulled up to a different Wal-Mart from the one we usually shop at in Lubbock. It is the same color as the one in Plainview)



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