Swimming in the Rain

Today was the last day of swimming lessons. The children were all very excited to go to what their teachers had described as “fun day.” We weren’t sure what that meant, but it sounded good. When we arrived at the pool, we were a little worried that the rain would be a problem. We knew we would still get to swim since Tech has an indoor pool, but were still wondering what was going to happen. It wasn’t a real heavy rain and there was no lightning, so it appeared things were continuing as normal. The only difference was that all the people were gathering in the small covered area. Talk about crowded.

The kids and I met up with Zachary’s class, who was waiting to ride on an inflatable boat. Zachary was anxious to join his class, so I told Emily and Timothy to sit and wait until Scott arrived or their teacher’s found them. Zachary and I headed to the boat. While we were on the boat, Emily was directed to her class that was playing innertube soccer in the deepest part of the pool and Scott arrived to hang with Timothy. After the boat ride, Zachary and I headed to the shallow part for a free swim time. Scott was taking pictures, so Timothy got in with us. I couldn’t keep up with both of them, so Timothy hung out on the steps during Zachary’s “lesson” time. Zachary rode on a big inflatable Shamu, practiced jumping off the wall, and even jumped off the diving board (with a little help from me and his teacher). After Zachary jumped, it was time for Timothy’s class to play in the water. Timothy had gotten out when Zachary went to jump, and was very cold by this point. It took him a bit, but he did finally go over to where his teacher was waiting for him. They didn’t do anything much different from their normal classes, except that they went all the way to the other side of the pool instead of staying in their little part. While this was going on, Zachary thought it was only fair that he get to play on the steps. He was joined by Emily when her class ended a few minutes later. I just stood on the side getting drizzled on and watched them all having fun.

Each of the kids received a “report card” at the end of the lesson. The teachers all left very nice comments. Emily’s teacher mentioned some specific things that Emily needs to work on, and said it would probably be a good idea for her to take level three again next year. I was planning on that anyway. Zachary will be an aquatot and Timothy will be in Level 1.

Swimming has been a lot of fun the last couple weeks. I guess we need to find a local pool to go to so the kids can practice all their new skills!



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