Bible Reading Day 4: Enoch

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day 4 Enoch Genesis 5:18-24

What’s up with the long ages? You’d think I’d have a definitive answer after all of my religious education but I just don’t know. Someday, I’ll explore the possibilities.

Old Riddle: Methuselah was the oldest man in history, living until the age of 965 years of age, and yet, he died before his father. How is that possible?

Answer: His dad was Enoch, who never died.

The story of Enoch reminds me of the song, “Kentucky Rose” by Michael W. Smith. Even though I make fun of his music often, there are few of his songs that I still enjoy and this is one of them. At one point in the song, which is basically a story of a man giving his life to save someone, the question is asked

Why he’s gone
God only knows
Maybe for the company of his Kentucky Rose

Pasted from <>

I can remember, even now it brings a little tingle, wanting that kind of relationship with my God. That at some point, he would call me home, maybe for no other reason, that he wanted my company.

Enoch was called home.


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