Have you ever experienced thirst? When I went to Kansas City a few weeks ago with the Acteens, there were five different ministries being focused on. One that really got my attention is the Blood:Water Mission. This ministry, brought about by the Christian music group Jars of Clay, works to raise money in order to put water wells in poverty / disease stricken areas of Africa. I’ve never experienced physical thirst. I’ve been thirsty, but a drink has never been far away. I can’t even imagine not having acces to water.

On the way home from the trip, the Acteens asked me if I was going to lead the Acteens group at our new church. I told them I didn’t think I would for a while. When they asked why, I tried to explain to them that I am in a place right now where I need to refilled spiritually. I had been so involved doing work at the church and pouring myself into the Christian development of the children / youth of our church that I have really neglected my own relationship with Christ.

I’d like to say that I came home and started really working on having a daily quiet time and am just on fire now, but I didn’t and I’m not. As often happens after attending a church youth event, it didn’t take too long to fall back into the routine. Swimming lessons and setting up house took over. In fact, I had forgotten about all this until last week.

Last week, Scott and I had a conversation in that we both decided that we were missing our faith. By not attending church regularly, we were missing out on spiritual nourishment. In other words, we were thirsty. That day, Scott found a Bible Reading Plan that we are going through together. It has been wonderful to get back into the Word and read. We are following a Biographical Reading Plan using The Message. I have really enjoyed reading stories I’ve read a million times using a new translation.

We visited Indiana Avenue Baptist Church yesterday. We visited it once before and really liked the Sunday School, but weren’t so sure about the worship. We had the opposite experience yesterday. We weren’t so sure about the Sunday School, but really enjoyed worship. I visited with the Children’s Minister for a bit, and I am very pleased with what they have to offer the children. Anyway, someone in the Sunday School class made the comment that we must take our own relationship with Christ seriously, or we will be turned away. She was referring to Matthew 7:23. I believe in the sanctifying faith of Christ, but it did make me stop and take note. It really spoke to where I am right now, or I should say where I was until we moved. I was so busy feeling important for the work I was doing that I didn’t work on my relationship with Him. Then, in worship, the pastor preached from Psalm 32. He talked about the time in David’s life that this Psalm was written as he shared how we can experience spiritual refreshing. He said there are four steps — cover up (pretending there’s nothing wrong, church work is enough), conviction (when I ignored that little voice that kept telling me to quit some activities), confession, and counsel. I think I am in the confession step now.

One of my favorite choruses of all time is As the Deer, based on Psalm 42:1. I feel like I am finally in that place where I am thirsty and ready to be refreshed. I am done putting things off until the kids are older. That is the best witness I can be for them. But, I am not doing it for them. I am doing it for God and for me.

Along with the Bible Reading Plan, I have a few books in the queue to be read. I really feel my current mission field is my kids, so I am starting with some that are relavent to my life as a mom. I am starting with Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages of Children” and will follow that up with Stormie Omartian’s “The Power of a Praying Parent.” Both of these books have sat on our bookshelf for years. I am ready to get them out and learn from them. From there, I will see where God leads.



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