Watch out for flying cats!

Swimming lessons is over, so we’re back to normal around here. Potty training is going well. I bought him some cloth training pants this weekend, and he has been accident free so far today. I am not having to remind him to go to the bathroom as much, which is great. His motivation right now is chocolate, but at least he’s making it!

Today, Emily and I made the invitations for her birthday party. You can see pictures of them over on her blog. Plans for her party are going really well. We’re pretty much to the point now that we just have to buy the stuff for her party. We won’t do that for a couple more weeks.

boyscats.jpgSince Emily was getting to make something, Timothy wanted to make something too. Timothy decided he wanted a black cat. Emily helped him cut out the pieces and put it together. Then, Zachary woke up and decided he also wanted a cat. But, he wanted a white one. So, I helped him with his. Then, Timothy announced that we would be naming the cats after the cats of some friends of ours from Plainview. Now we have our own Bogey (the white one) and Bacall (the black one). I’ve never seen our friends’ cats fly like these do. They tend to keep to themselves whenever we go visit. The boys have taken to calling them Super Bogey and Super Bacall as they go flying over the staircase handrail.

There’s not much planned for this week. Tomorrow we will go find out the name of Emily’s 2nd grade teacher, and that’s all I’ve got on the schedule for the week. I’m sure we’ll find some way to keep ourselves busy.



2 thoughts on “Watch out for flying cats!

  1. Chocolate would motivate me too! LOL šŸ˜› I guess my sister didn’t tell me that things are different in Lubbock – I didn’t know there were flying cats there!

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