At the Drive-In

I’m sleepy. We went to the drive-in last night. It will probably be the last time in a while since school starts in two weeks and we need to start gearing up for that. I had recently sold a couple items at LubbockForSale, so we decided to use part of the earnings for a family fun night. The drive-in is an idea place for us. If we stay for the entire evening, the five us can see two movies for $10. We don’t have to worry about the kids disturbing those around us if they aren’t silent. Plus, the drive in sells a great funnel cake!

We went to see Underdog and Ratatouille. The kids have been wanting to see Ratatouille for a while, but it hadn’t been paired up with something we wanted the kids to see until now.

Underdog was okay. The kids enjoyed the flying / talking super-hero dog. Scott and I were not real impressed, but managed to keep our comments to ourselves. We can stomach most kids shows pretty well, but don’t think this will be one that will be added to our collection any time soon.

Ratatouille was very good. There are not many “big” names playing the voices, but that didn’t matter. It has a good message about being true to yourself and that you can be anything if you just put your mind to it. If a bunch of rats can run a famous french kitchen, anything can happen.



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