True Fans

A side benefit of our move is that we are now free of credit card debt. We’re still trying to keep it that way, so we opted not to get cable when we moved in. I am really surprised that we last all summer long without, but it really hasn’t been that bad. The only ones who are really missing out on anything from this decision are the kids, as it means the only “kids” channel they get to watch is PBS. No more Disney and no more Nickelodeon. Scott and I are surviving as Scott has discovered a way to download tv episodes and we have a wireless receiver hooked up to the tv. We’ve got quite a stock built up — News Radio, My Name is Earl, Seinfeld, The Office, The Muppet Show, Quantum Leap.

I don’t mind too much that the kids TV selection is now pretty limited. as it has gotten them into actually playing with the moutains of toys in their room. Emily has read 2000 pages this summer. It’s been good, really! I feel bad for Zachary though. He is just now to the age that he has started watching Dora the Explorer. Emily was never real interested in Dora, but Timothy sure was. It’s like a right of passage for kids these days to get to watch this cartoon. Among other kids shows (Animaniacs, Kim Possible, Fairly Odd Parents, Fetch) Scott has downloaded five episodes of Dora so the kids can watch them from time to time. Unfortunately, only two of the episodes actually work. I don’t know why, but two of them have no picture at all and another of them has a picture but no sound.

Just a few minutes ago, the boys were watching the episode with no sound. They were actually talking and responding to the show in the same way they would in an episode that was fully functional.

Should I get them tested for psychic ability or super hearing?
Should I be concerned about the level of obsession they have for Dora?



2 thoughts on “True Fans

  1. I’m with you about the no cable thing. PBS has plenty for kids, and you can supplement with free videos from the library now and then can’t you? There are good choices here in Lubbock at every branch.

  2. That’s so awesome about being debt free. We’re working on getting to that point – much closer than we have ever been. Congrats!

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