Day 8: Isaac

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 8


Genesis 24, 26

Isaac’s story is one of God’s watchful care over his promise to the faithful. There are a number of events in the life of Isaac that would have turned out completely different without God’s watchful care over the situation:

  • Finding a wife: one who plays a significant role in direction the saga of Genesis takes through the lives of their children
  • The death of his father: apparently the Philistines responded harshly, as we see that they filled in the wells of his father and moved in to his land
  • Surviving a great famine: God provides so greatly that his power and wealth grow in the midst of difficulty, those around him recognize God’s favor on his life and seek to make peace with him because of it.

I also like where we find Isaac in many of these situations. I had missed this side of Isaac in my previous readings. When the senior servant returns with Rebekah, Isaac is meditating. When he repairs the wells of his father, he recognizes God’s providence in his life and builds an alter, calling on God’s name. God even appears to him to re-affirm the covenant he has made with Abraham.

I do wonder if Isaac had a sense of humor at all. These, of course, are very serious events, but for a guy named “Laughter”, you’d expect a sense of humor about things. Did you notice how much of a digger Isaac was? He sure got busy digging those wells, one right after another.

After today’s reading, I ask myself: (1) Where am I when difficulty strikes? Am I meditating, waiting on God, or have I already strayed and taken things into my own hands? (2) Can people tell whose man I am by looking at my life? Can they tell that God has his hand on me, not just by the blessings on my life but by how I live and handle crises?


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