Bible Reading Day 9: Esau

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 9


Genesis 25:27-34


I have managed miss a couple of days here and there but we’re still moving forward and I hope to stay faithful to this reading plan because it has been very refreshing for me to look at these characters with a newer perspective. Being raised in the church has desensitized me to a good many of these stories. I’ve really been fascinated in reading them over again, especially in the Message paraphrase. Chewing them over and meditating on them is good for the soul. God works in each person’s life in a very individual way, his plan is personalized. And yet, we learn a lot about the consistent character of God in the way that he interacts with different people throughout scripture. God is a master craftsman in the way that he molds and shapes his children into his own image. Seeing him work is like studying a true work of art. 

In today’s reading about Esau, I never knew I had so much in common with this man. I’m not really a rugged, outdoors type. Neither am I an expert hunter. I remember going out on one huning trip with my father, never fired at any living thing. I did attempt to take down a few cans but was generally unsuccessful at that too. So what do I have in common with Esau? Ask Lori, she should know.

 How did Jacob manipulate Esau into getting what he wanted? Food. I can recall, even within the last month when Lori wanted me to help fold laundry and do some extra chores around the house, she took me out for a fine meal and I was putty in her hands, so to speak. It worked. It’s funny, but to some extent it is a character flaw. When we are willing to put our physical wants ahead of what is right, we are always going to get into trouble. (Of course, doing laundry is also right, but I was trying to make a point)

 Esau didn’t quite have his priorities In order. He didn’t cherish the things that should be important. For me, I struggle to make sure my priorities are in order. In particular, my new occupation has challenged me in new ways to make sure that my family remains a priority over my work. Since I am teaching online with Wayland and also try to build a new research career, I often push things down on my list that should remain at the top, no matter what.

 I pray today that God would help me remember what is important and not surrender my family in order to get an extra paper published.


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