Hitting us where it hurts!

There are two items that are fairly commonplace when children are involved — peanut butter and toys. Hopefully, not together.

It hasn’t been that long since Peter Pan peanut butter was recalled because of a salmonella outbreak. We were long-time Peter Pan fans, so this caused a small disruption as we switched to Jiff. I recently saw on the news that Peter Pan will be returning to stores. I wonder if we’ll switch back.

Now, Mattel & Fisher-Price toys are being recalled. I’ve checked the list and luckily none of our toys are affected. We have several Dora and Diego toys that are on the list, but they were purchased before May 2007. So, according to the recall announcement, our toys were not painted with lead-based paint. I guess hand-me-down toys are not such a bad thing afterall. Emily and I just went through the list of Polly toys that are recalled because of their hazardous magnets. Emily does not have any big Polly Pocket sets, so again our toys were not affected. Barbie is where we could have been hit hard, but there was only one Barbie item listed.

For those of you with kids, check your toys!



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