Bible Reading Day 10: Rebekah

Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 10


Genesis 27


I’m pushing myself to get back on track. I know that usually when it comes to your prescriptions, if you miss a couple of days, the doctors will usually tell you to just start where you left off. I’ve often done that with my Bible reading as well and eventually just dropped it altogether. Not this time. I’m going to push to catch up with my original plan. Thanks to some faithful grandparents (and their mild prodding) I know I’m not alone in my Bible Reading. Of course, Lori is reading with me too, but it’s been easy for us to both get off track with the business of life around here.


Besides all that, the reading on Rebekah reminds me of a couple of important principles that relate to my own discipleship. First of all, life can veer way of track when you leave God out of the picture. It is interesting to me that when Jacob and Rebekah are busy scheming against Esau and Isaac, they don’t leave room for God at all. By their actions, they seem to be saying: God may have a plan, but why bother letting him interfere with ours. At one point, when deceiving his father, Jacob answers to him that “your God” must have provided for me. I know it is very common throughout Jacob’s life (and just for these times in general) for God to be referred to in the terms of “God of my Father”. But later in life, Jacob takes ownership of his own relationship with God. For know, he does not seem to acknowledge God, or his need for God at all. The result is Jacob is forced to run away from home and deal with the great con artist, Laban. Isn’t it also interesting that the “deceptive gene” seems to run in that family. Laban is an awful lot like his sister, Rebekah.


The second lesson I see here is a repeat from previous readings. Rebekah and Jacob are content to take God’s will into their own hands. There is a lack of trust in God to accomplish his own will by his own plan. Instead, they feel that God’s will needs a little help. I am encouraged to wait up on the Lord and listen to his guidance. I will not force the hand of God.


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