Chaos Reigned

Our mailbox is a few houses down. It’s like one you’d find in an apartment complex. There are about 10 small boxes all together, and we have to use a key to get our mail. The kids love to go down the street to get out mail. I usually send Emily and Timothy to get it while I am laying Zachary down for his nap.

After spending yesterday morning at Calvary, we checked the box when we got home. The mail had not arrived yet, so we went about our business. We were expecting some friends from Plainview to come over soon, so I opted not to lay Zachary down for his nap yet.

Our friends arrived and all the kids were playing upstairs in Emily’s room. Soon, Emily’s friend came down to get her mom’s keys so she could go get a doll from the car. This reminded me that we had not gotten the mail, so I decided to send Emily and her friend to get it. Timothy got wind of this and decided he wanted to go to the mailbox too. The only problem was that he was not wearing any shoes. I told him he could go without shoes, but he said the sidewalk was too hot. Emily and her friend didn’t want to wait for him to get his shoes on, so they promised they would wait for him at the mailbox.

Timothy soon appeared at the top of the stairs wearing one sandal and informed me that he could not find his other one. I suppose if I were a nice mama, I would have gone upstairs and helped him find his other shoe. But, I was visiting with my friend and didn’t want to do that. He’s pretty bad about losing shoes, and it drives me crazy. One shoelace from his dress shoes was missing for a couple weeks. He’s been missing one tennis shoe for a week now. I told him to go look again.

By this time, Zachary had decided to come downstairs too. He had messed up his pullup, so it was necessary for me to go upstairs to change him. By the time I got done changing him, my friend had left to go outside. For a reason I still don’t quite understand, Emily had returned from the mailbox without her friend. My friend had gone to retrieve her daughter from the mailbox.

I got my mail. Timothy’s shoe has been found. Zachary is clean. My friend and her daughter went home.

When we got ready to go the store last night, I couldn’t find my keys. No big deal. Scott had his, so I figured there were just pushed under the couch or something. As I was getting ready to leave to go work in my classroom this morning, I searched high and low and still couldn’t find my keys. I called my friend who had come to see if she had inadvertently stuck them in her purse after retrieving her daughter from the mailbox. She didn’t answer the phone, so I left her a message. I was really wanting to go to Calvary, so Scott came home to work from home for the afternoon so I could use his keys. This worked out even better for me, as it meant I could go by myself. I made a lot of progress in my classroom and managed to visit with the director for a bit to learn some more about my responsibilities. Then I got home to a message from my friend saying that her daughter told her that my keys are between the top cushions of our couch. I had taken off all the cushions but hadn’t looked between the top cushions. Sure enough, that’s where they were! All is well.


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