Going to the Banana

We have started going on walks in the evenings. The boys travel in the red wagon we received for Christmas. Emily walks / run part of the way and climbs in the wagon when she gets tired.

Where do we go?

We usually go to Emily’s school. It is about 3/4 of mile from here. We’ll walk over there, let the kids play on the playground for a bit, and then walk back. It’s fun. When we were deciding where to go the first time, Scott and I were speaking code. We can’t spell anymore since Emily’s such a great reader, so we just use cryptic messages. So, the kids started guessing where we were going to go. Emily’s first guess — are we going to the banana? It was so off the wall that we indulged her and said that was where we were going. Now anytime we drive by or walk to the school, the boys will get very excited that they see the banana. Emily is less than pleased that they call her school the banana, but there’s nothing she can do about it since she started it.

Emily has recently started learning to ride her bike. A friend gave it to us when their daughter outgrew it. She’s had it for a couple years, but it was a little big for her. The old training wheels were starting to buckle, so got some new ones. When she wants to ride instead of walk, we go for a short walk around the block. She’s doing pretty good so far.

There is life after TV.



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