Light Getting Brighter

I’ve mentioned before that we are potty training Zachary. We’ve been working on it for about 4 weeks now, and it’s really going fairly well. At home, he wears cloth training pants. We only had two pairs when we first started this process. It wasn’t going great. I was having to launder them daily, sometimes twice! I’ve since bought more from Target, though now I probably could get by with the two we had leftover from Timothy. I guess he just wanted his own!

We’ve been going to Calvary every day this week, and he has been wearing pullups while we are out. That hasn’t slowed him down a bit, as he’s been staying dry and clean the whole time we’re out. He really likes the little bathroom in my classroom, and asks to use it every hour or so. That’s a good thing and I hope he’ll do that for his teacher. Yesterday, I was in meetings all morning so the kids stayed with some teenagers. They said Zachary never asked to go to the bathroom, but his pullup was still clean and dry when we got home. I guess he just held it all morning.

He is now in the phase where he getting very good about telling me when he needs to go. He thinks it’s a good excuse to stay up just a few more minutes before going to bed. We’re having to limit that one! We went to Plainview on Monday so Scott could drop some things off for his online class. Zachary was in a pullup. Two times he told me he needed to go, and both times he succeeded! We ventured out of the house in the cloth training pants for the first time yesterday. He asked to go one time, and we made it with no problem. With the exception of overnight, he hasn’t wet anywhere except in the potty in two weeks. The other end is about every other day. He’ll get there. I’m sure of it.

With all the money we’re going to save on diapers, I think it’s going to be a good Christmas!



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