A Little Resistance

We have decided to visit Calvary Baptist Church again. It’s proximity to our house and the fact that they’ve given me a job appeals to us. We visited there at the beginning of the summer, but really didn’t a clear picture of the church since it was the day before VBS. Emily and Timothy attended VBS there and really liked it. So, we thought we’d give them another try.

We had actually planned to visit there last week, but poor Zachary went tumbling down the stairs after he had gone to retrieve a toy dog that had been tossed up the stairs. Poor kid had quite a bump and bruise on his eye all week.

So,we went this past Sunday. About 10 minutes into the worship service, the nursery worker came and tapped me on the shoulder. They suspected that Zachary had a fever and needed me to come to the nursery when I had a chance. Well, I headed right on over there. Poor kid was just laying on the floor next to his teacher, who was rubbing his head. He walked over to me and I held him for a bit in the rocking chair. He fell asleep pretty quickly. I tried to lay him down, but he woke up immediately and expressed his disapproval at that. So, I decided it was time to go home. We went to get Scott and the others from worship. As soon as we stepped out the door of the church, Zachary threw up on the sidewalk. I was actually prepared for such an event, so we changed his clothes and made it to the van with no more incident. We got home and he slept for about three hours. I think he was worn out from our day full of tax-free shopping the day before. He was still a little sluggish the rest of the day and part of Monday, but is back to his normal happy self today.

With all this happening as we visit this church, we can’t help but wonder if someone doesn’t want us there.



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