Just Like Timo

This past weekend was tax-free weekend. We took advantage of the tax break and sales and bought new clothes for everyone on Saturday. We have a friend who gives us clothes after her son outgrows it, so the boys didn’t really need much. Mainly just jeans for them. Emily seems to have grown another foot since the last time we bought her clothes, so she has 2 new dresses, 3 new pair of jeans in various colors, a pair of capris, 4 new shirts, 2 pair of long shorts, 2 pair of gauchos, socks, and 3 new pair of shoes. Scott and I were in need of some new clothes as well, so it was a big day of shopping. So we could mix in some time visiting with family, we decided to go to Amarillo to do our shopping. We left at 9:00 Saturday morning and returned home at 10:00pm. It was a good day.

When Zachary woke up from his nap, he seemed to be doing okay so we gave him some lunch. He was in pretty good spirits then, and I needed to go grocery shopping. So, Zachary and I went to the grocery store. We stopped by Payless first to see if they had any dress shoes for him. He’s been wearing a pair of Timothy’s old boots, and they were worse for wear. I had run to the Shoe Dept while Zachary napped to get tennis shoes for me, but had not found any dress shoes for Zachary that were less than $30. I just can’t justify paying that much for kids shoes. Payless had one pair. They were around $20, so I decided we would look at Wal-Mart first and come back if they didn’t have what we wanted. After a quick trip to the bathroom at Wal-Mart, we went to the shoe aisle. We found two pair in his size. One pair were penny loafers and the other were lace up shoes exactly like Timothy’s. I asked Zachary which ones he wanted and said “Like Timo!” So, we go those, did our grocery shopping, and headed home. As I was unpacking the groceries, Zachary got his shoes and started showing them to everyone who would look. He explained to everyone that they were just like Timo’s.

Zachary has always been one to do something just because Timothy does it. Even to the point of crying because his head hurts when Timothy is the one that bumped his head on the wall or something. Having matching dress shoes has added a new spin to this though. If Timothy puts on denim shorts and a red shirt, Zachary insists on having clothes “like Timo!.” Or if I dress Zachary first, then Timothy quickly finds an outfit with the same color shirt and shorts as Zachary. They haven’t even worn their matching shoes yet. That will wait until Sunday.

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