Not as planned

Yesterday was Scott’s birthday. He left for work before the kids and I woke up. When I reminded the kids that it was Scott’s birthday, Emily quickly began making plans for how we could celebrate. She decided that we would all turn the lights off at 5 o’clock, hide around 5:15, and jump out to surprise him when he got home. She then started making cards for him. She said that she was doing it because Timothy and Zachary wanted her to, but I know she was having fun. She just likes to make sure we know that having two younger brothers is an inconvenience for her.

A few days ago I asked Scott if he wanted a special meal and cake for his birthday. He said he wanted to eat out and that he didn’t want cake. Around 10:00 yesterday, I decided that he was not allowed to not have cake. So, I emailed Gran and got her recipe for Hummingbird Cake. I remembered that being one of Scott’s favorites. In fact, the groom’s cake at our wedding was a Hummingbird cake.

The kids and I made the cake after lunch. Gran had given me some shortcuts, but I decided to go ahead and make it from scratch – except for the cream cheese icing. Around 4:00, I frosted and decorated the cake. Here’s the finished product:

The kids and I carefully set it on the kitchen table and went about our business. We decided to send some e-cards to Scott. Then, per Emily’s plan, we turned off all the lights in the house at 5:00. Not long after that, I received an instant message from Scott saying that he was going to be late coming home from work. He and his co-worker had to finish designing a poster first. So I told Emily that the surprise would have to be delayed a bit.

At 6:00, Scott called again to tell me it would be a bit longer. Things were going slow. He knew going into this job that there would be days that he’d have to work late. It’s unfortunate that the first time he had to work this late just happened to be on his birthday. He promised he would call before he came home.

So, the kids and I waited. The call finally came at 7:00. I answered the phone to a very tired sounding Scott asking if the kids and I would meet him at the restaurant for dinner. When I got off the phone and told the kids to get their shoes on, Emily’s face fell. She had so wanted to be able to surprise him. I told her she could surprise him with the card she had made, and that we would keep the cake a secret so he could be surprised with that. This seemed to satisfy her, so off we went.

We got to the restaurant about 10 minutes before Scott. Emily decided it would be fun to hide around the corner of the building and jump out to surprise him. She and Timothy took the next few minutes trying out different hiding places, and I kept running out to the parking lot to retrieve Zachary. I finally spotted Scott pull in to the parking lot, so the kids ran to their hiding places and Scott dutifully acted surprise when they jumped out and shouted “Boo!” We went to our table, and the kids presented Scott with his card. Timothy was a little confused that Daddy hadn’t brought his e-cards with him, so we explained to him that they were on the computer. During the meal, Timothy did let it slip that there was a cake at home. This time, Scott really was surprised.

After the meal, it was time to go home for cake. Yumm!

Despite the late start, it was a pretty good birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Scott!



2 thoughts on “Not as planned

  1. Bummer about having to work late. Sound like yall did a good job of surprising him though. Happy Belated Birthday Scott!

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