I caved

dscf6013.JPG Well, we did it. We signed up for cable again. On his birthday, Scott got paid for teaching two sections of an online Algebra classes. That’s not regular income, since we only get a lump sum at the end of the course. So we put a big chunk of it in savings, designated some for Emily’s birthday, and the rest was for Scott’s birthday. With Scott’s birthday money, he decided he wanted cable. He really wants a flat screen TV, but decided that the poor quality picture we got with our antenna just wouldn’t be right for such a nice TV. We’ll be getting another payment mid-November. This one will be a little more, since I am teaching a class and Scott is teaching two sections again. So, the TV will most likely come for Christmas.

I really can’t fault the guy for wanting a new TV. We honestly need new ones. In our bedroom and in the living room, we have Sharp TVs. They both have a common affliction in that they have no power button. They both had power buttons when we got them, but the buttons have been pushed into the case of the TV. We can blame the one in the living room on the kids, but not the one in our bedroom. That is the TV that I won at my high school graduation party. It went to college with me, and the power button and volume down button was gone by the time I graduated. What can I say, I don’t know my own strength!

Anyway, we got a family cable package. The kids are quite pleased with the return of the various cartoon channels. I’m happy to see what people actually look like with a clear picture. And, Scott’s happy to be able to channel surf more than 5 channels again. He’s just a happier guy in the evenings now, and that makes me happy too.


One thought on “I caved

  1. Ahhhh! Yes…We went 18 months with bunny ears… Makes SUCH a difference, doesn’t it? Almost makes me want to sit and watch all those yucky reality shows….. ALMOST….

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