Just How Two-Year-Old’s Are

We had “Meet the Teacher” night at the Parent’s Day Out / Preschool a few days ago. I got to meet a lot of my kids and their parents. Here are some of the comments I heard from the parents when they were “preparing” me to teach their child this year.

“He doesn’t share”
“She doesn’t like to play with other kids much”
“She’s very shy”
“He’s a little wild.”
“She’s very independent. She likes to do her own thing.”
“She’s completely potty-trained.”
“He’s mostly potty-trained.”
“She’s not interested in the potty at all.”

In other words, they are all typical two-year-olds. After the parents would tell me about their child, I told them about me and my family. When they realized that I have three children, one of which is the same age as their child, they stopped telling me about how two-year-old’s behave.

While the parents were talking to me, their kids were playing in the room. Timothy, Zachary, and I had been there earlier that day to stock the room with toys, so there was plenty to play with. When it was time to go, several kids just didn’t want to leave. I know there will be some tears and screams when school starts next week, but I’m hoping that it will be shortlived.

Scott took Zachary and Timothy around so he could meet their teachers while I was meeting my class. Zachary had already met his teacher as we’d been up there working on the classroom. From what I hear, Zachary just walked into his class like he’d been doing it his whole life. The kid knows no strangers. Timothy’s class is in the basement pretty much right below my classroom. His teacher is the daughter-in-law of the pastor of the church that Scott and I attended when we were students at Wayland, so it was fun to make that connection. I think they will both have a great time in school.

School starts Tuesday. I turned in a month’s worth of lesson plans on Tuesday. Today I went to get the supplies that my boss and her assistant had gathered for me. I have a couple things to put together, but for the most part I’m ready. I’m looking forward to it.



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