Kind of bugs me

I’ve spent the week getting the paperwork filled out for the boys to go to preschool this year. One thing that was required was a copy of their birth certificates. That wasn’t a big deal to me. We didn’t get a birth certificate from the hospital when Zachary was born, so I needed to go to the Health Department to get one. The health department is located on the East side of town, not far from Tech. It took about 30 minutes to get there.

Now this is where we get to the part that bugs me.

It cost $23 to get my own child’s birth certificate. I was there less than 10 minutes, and I had to pay them $23. It’s just not right.

When I went to the church so they could make a copy of the boys’ birth certificates, I learned that we couldn’t use the hospital birth certificate anyway. This was not the school’s rule, but is a rule for the licensing board. So, the certificate we had for Timothy wouldn’t work either.

Scott saved me from having to drive all the way of there again. He went to get Timothy’s birth certificate during his lunch break. I turned it in today, so the boys are finally registered for school.



One thought on “Kind of bugs me

  1. Oh, yeah. I had a nice long rant about this back in April when we were applying for our passports. Ridiculous that it costs that much to get your own birth certificate. The copy that I have (from 1977) is just a notorized copy from the county clerk in Dumas. It was probably free.

    At least in New Mexico, it’s only $10 or so. That’s a little less irritating to me. πŸ™‚

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