Putting it together

timcute.jpgIt’s been a hard week for Timothy. Now that Emily is gone to school, he has lost his playmate. Zachary plays with him some, but a two-year-old isn’t much of a playmate for a four-year-old. It’s plain to see that he is a little lonely. I am really hoping that will improve with his school starting next week.

One way that he has kept himself busy is by playing with our Fridge Phonics Word Whammer toy. He spends hours putting different letters into the toy to find out what it spells. When he succeeds in spelling a word, he comes and tells us the word.

Four years old and putting together words. Once Scott even caught him looking at a piece of mail to find a three letter word and then putting those letters into the toy so it would read the word to him. Now that’s thinking.



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