Seeing the truth

Scott and I went to the eye doctor yesterday. We have been having some trouble with our contacts, and are in need of some new ones. When we arrived, we filled out the typical paperwork and I was soon called back to the room with all the little machines. I don’t know what they all do, but have gotten used to them. This doctor had one I hadn’t seen before. It had all these big bright red circles on it. I was told to sit with my chin angled so I would looking at the red circles through the side of my eye. I think this one took a picture of my eye, but really don’t know.

While we were waiting for the machines to print out the results, the doctor’s assistant asked me some questions about my contacts that I had before. She asked how long a pair generally lasted. I told her 1-2 months. She asked if I knew that the ones I had were only supposed to last two weeks. I had no clue! I figured there were at least one month contacts, so this came as quite a surprise. Turns out that Scott’s were also two week contacts, so we both got a mild talking to about it.

Despite the fact that we wore our contacts far longer than we were supposed to, the doctor said there was no irreparable damage to our eyes. We both had some slight corneal distortion, but nothing too serious. The doctor fitted us both with one-month contacts, so hopefully we’ll not have as much trouble with our contacts as we were having before. She said if we wear these the correct amount of time, our eyes would return to normal. I know my eyes feel better today than they have in months.



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