The Year of the Tiger

firstdayofschool-1.jpgIn her school career, Emily has been an Eagle, a Bulldog, and now a Tiger. I’m hoping she gets to be a Tiger for at least a couple years.

A couple days before the school started was Open House. We got to go meet her teacher and to pick up her school supplies that I had ordered through a service called School Gear. Her teacher’s name is Miss Brooks. This is her second year teaching. She’s originally from Amarillo and then came to Lubbock for school and has stayed here. She’s YOUNG. Emily’s other teachers to this point have had teenage children, so this is a big change.

On the first day of school, Emily came home a little disappointed. As I talked with her about her day, I found out why. It’s not what’d you think. She’d made friends, though she did admit that she had played alone at recess. That has improved the last few days. In fact, she is going to go play with a friend after school today. No, her disappointment is about something else. Her class had gone to the library. Now why would going to the library disappoint Emily, who loves to read? Well, her teacher had explained to the class that they would be reading the 2nd grade level books. Emily remembered quite well that she was reading almost 4th grade level books by the end of the first grade, and didn’t want to go back to reading “easy” books. She’s smart, she knows it, and everyone at her old school knew it. And now she has to prove herself all over again. She wants to be challenged. She’s not conceited or overally agressive, so this is not an easy task for her. I am confident that, with time, she’ll get to be challenged again. In the meantime, I do my best to indulge her and make sure she still enjoys reading and learning.



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