A Yellow Submarine

Timothy said two things that really made me smile today.

The first occurred this morning on our way to school. We had just dropped Emily off at school and were waiting in line to get out of the parking lot. From the back, Timothy said, “Mama, that red submarine needs to get out of our way so we can go to our school.” We finally made it out of the parking lot and were headed to Calvary when he said, “look mom! a gray submarine!” I was at a red light, so I looked over at the vehicle he was referring to.

Can you guess what it was?

That’s right, it was a suburban. Lubbock doesn’t have need for submarines, but there are more than just a few suburbans around. I explained the difference to Timothy and he asked if there are different colors of submarines like there are of suburbans. By the time we pulled into the parking lot at Calvary, Timothy, Zachary, and I were all singing “We all live in a Yellow Submarine.”

The other occurred at dinner. Scott decided he wanted to make donuts for a special after-dinner treat. Zachary didn’t eat real well today because of a toothache, but he sure perked up at the idea of donuts. He declared that he wanted to go get in the van for donuts. I told him we were going to make them. To this, Timothy said, “mama, are you gonna wear Jamaican clothes there?”

Where is he picking up these words?



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