The gifted and talented Miss Emily

I’m very proud to announce that Emily has been admitted into the Gifted and Talented program in her new school.  Last year, during first grade, Emily’s teacher had recommended that she be tested.  She was and, as I understand it, did exceptionally well.  She began participating in G.T.  When I took my position at Texas Tech and we moved to Lubbock, we were careful to inform her knew school that she was in this program.  They told us that she would likely need to be tested again.  We accepted it and waited.

We thought that the school would get around to it eventually. As a matter of fact, I was pretty confident that Ms. Brooks, Emily’s second grade teacher, would recommend her for the program.  It’s hard not to notice that Emily is quite a bit ahead of her class and a little bored with having to relearn a lot of things she’s already mastered. We had a meeting with her teacher following the first six weeks and were told that Emily is doing great.  One thing that concerned me, but not her teacher, is that she is very quiet in class and spends most of her time reading.  My daughter?!? Quiet?  Either she has overcome her greatest vice of talking too much, or she’s bored and not being challenged.  I politely mentioned Emily’s previous involvement in GT and Ms. Brooks volunteered to recommend her for the program.

A couple of days later we received a phone call from the director of the GT program at Emily’s school informing us that the school had made a mistake in not re-testing her for the GT program.  They are supposed to do this for all the transfers who were previously involved in GT and do it during the first six weeks of school.  Because none of the forms that we filled out allowed us to indicate her involvement, she slipped through the cracks.  They told us that they would correct this problem in the future.  Also, they went forward with retrieving Emily’s records from Plainview and, as of Thursday of this week, she’s been admitted into the GT program at her school.

I’m so proud of her.  I hoped so much for her to be involved in this program.  I was pretty disappointed as a child to not be included in the program when in grade school.  I had a number of friends that were in GT and would go on a regular basis to participate in a separate activity.  Honestly, I was quite jealous.  After all, I outperformed all of them in school and didn’t understand why I was left out.  I’m over it now.  I was invited to participate in the program by the time I was in high school, but this just makes me all the more proud of my little girl.


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