Hair-Raising Adventures

I really like my job right now. I have grown to look forward to seeing the fifteen 2-year-olds that pass through my classroom on various days. My co-workers make up a caring group of ladies who I have really started to enjoy visiting with when I get the chance. As much as I like it, I would walk away from it all in a second if the boys were in a less than desirable situation. Fortunately, they both have great teachers.

Timothy is having such a great year. He amazes me and those around him with how quickly he is learning. He has mastered writing his name using capital and lower case letters, which apparently is a hard concept for 4 year olds. He has learned the months of the year, sign language for many words and the letters up to H, to count to 100 with very little assistance, several bible verses with sign language, and tons of new songs.

horriblehairday.jpgThe pre-K teachers use so many great methods to teach letters. One of the teachers told me yesterday that many of their students have late Spring / Summer birthdays, so they are really working on hard on teaching the letters. It’s been particularly fun the last few weeks with the letters F, G, & H. For F, they had Funky Feet Day. Lots of the kids came in mis-matched socks. Timothy, however, opted to wear his Curious George slippers that day. For G, they had Grown Up Day. Scott blogged on this one already (he should be adding a picture to the post soon). This week, he had Horrible Hair Day. We’ve put off getting his hair cut, so we could slick it up into a curly mohawk. He loved it. When we took Timothy to school this morning (no school today for me or Zachary), Zachary was pretty unsure of the teachers and kids with their funny hair. He usually goes around giving hugs to the kids and teachers, but today he stuck close to me. He was more sociable when we picked Timothy up at noon and most of the wigs had come off.



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