The Golden Ticket

As a kid, one of my favorite scenes / songs from the movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” (the old one) was when Charlie got the golden ticket. You know the part I mean. Charlie had just found the ticket in a Wonka bar and had run home quickly to tell his family. He grandparents had been bedridden for 20 years, but “Grandpa Joe” was suddenly able to get out of bed to sing and dance about the golden ticket that ensured that he and Charlie would get to tour the chocolate factory that would eventually belong to Charlie. Sorry to ruin it for those of you that somehow missed seeing that movie.

Anyway, I have found myself humming that song a few times in the last couple days. It began when Emily came running up to me after to school to announce that she had received a golden prize ticket that day. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but figured it was a good thing, especially when some of the other students from her grade made a show of being quite impressed and a little jealous that Emily had received such a prize. The goal of parenting is to make the other kids jealous, right? I congratulated her for her accomplishment.

dscf6185.JPGUpon arriving at home after picking her up, there was a message from her Principal that shed a little light on the subject. Her teacher had chosen her to be in the Principal’s 200 club because of her “awesome leadership.” She got to put her name in a special book and on the Golden Tiger Paw Wall of Fame. To decide where to put her name on the wall, she had drawn the number 40 out of a bucket. There will be a drawing at the end of the year in which she will be eligible to win a prize.

dscf6186.JPGAfter hearing the message from the Principal, I asked Emily for more detail. It turns out that her teacher had called her to her desk while they were doing class work and presented her with the golden ticket. Emily said that her teacher had told her the ticket was given to her for following directions and being a good leader.

Way to go Emily!


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