I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Luke 18:17

I consider one the best things of parenting is that we can get a glimpse of the relationship that God wants to have with His children. I am surrounding by living, breathing pictures of what Jesus is talking about when He admonishes His followers to have the faith of a child.

Timothy is turning into quite a prayer warrior. He’s always been pretty tuned in to prayers. In fact, I just found a post that I wrote just over a year ago that is about Timothy praying.

About a month ago, Timothy’s teacher had lost her voice. On the way to pick Emily up after school, I heard his sweet voice from the back of the van saying, “Dear God, Thank you for our family (which is how we start our bedtime prayers). Please help Mrs. Robertson’s voice get back in her mouth. What else do I say mommy? Oh yeah, in your name I pray. amen.” It wasn’t long before Mrs. Robertson’s voice was back.

Timothy has, I think in response to our move, regressed some in his potty training. He’s been trained for two years, but has been having some trouble lately. It’s really driving us crazy. On Tuesday, he had an accident. I sent him up the stairs to change his clothes. While he was changing, I heard his voice through the baby monitor that is downstairs in our bedroom. He was saying, “Dear God. Please help me be a big boy and stop pottying in my underwear. In your name I pray. Amen.” And, what do you know? He hasn’t had an accident since.

Yesterday, we were driving to an appointment after picking Emily up from school. Once again, Timothy said a prayer. This time, the prayer was, “Dear God. Please destroy the whole world and put it back together and put robots on it and put a robot in my house. In your name I prayer. Amen.”

I think Timothy’s about to learn about unanswered prayers.



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