Nature Called

We went to get our annual family pictures taken last night. When preparing to go, Scott commented that this would likely be our easiest portrait session to date. He had several reasons for this claim, with the biggest one being that our kids are no longer babies. There was also the notion that we would not have to travel an hour to get the studio as we have in the past, and we had decided against having the kids change clothes during the session. We were optomistic that things would go so smoothly that we may even get to go see a movie after we were done.

We arrived at Sears a few minutes early to our 6:00 appointment. The portrait studio is upstairs at this particular Sears, so the first obstacle we had to overcome was the escalator. Poor Zachary fell over trying to get on to go up, and we couldn’t get to him because Emily and Timothy were standing right in front of us waiting to get on. Once we made it to the top of escalator, we found ourselves surrounded by beds and appliances. These are two items that kids just can’t keep from touching. By the time we got to the portrait studio, it was 6:00.

emily2ndgrade.jpgSo, we got checked in and waited while they prepared for our session. I had told them that I wanted a picture of the family, a picture of all three kids, and a picture of each boy next to the number of their age. Emily brought home a great picture from school, so we were not planning on getting a individual picture of her.

fam2007.jpgFinally, the photographer called us back. We started with three poses of the whole family. This went fairly smoothly, and we were fairly confident this would continue.

timothy4.jpgtimothy4silly.jpg Next, the photographer decided to get a picture of Zachary with the number 3. He stood next to the number and indicated that he had to go to the bathroom right away. So, he and Scott headed to the bathroom and the photographer got out the number 4 for Timothy’s picture. Timothy was a little disappointed that there was no “1/2” to get his picture taken with, but enjoyed getting to hold up the number for his pictures.

emily7.jpg After taking Timothy’s picture, Zachary and Scott had still not returned, so the photographer decided to take Emily’s picture. Emily was more than happy to strike a pose.

emily7flowers.jpg Then, Scott and Zachary returned so the photographer set up the number 3 again. Timothy announced that he needed to go to the bathroom, so he and Scott left. Zachary stood by the number 3, furrowed his brow and announced that his tummy hurt. It seemed he hadn’t finished his business the first time, so I ran him to the bathroom and returned to the studio with Timothy. Emily got another picture taken during the exchange.

zachary3.jpg Finally, Zachary and Scott got back and Zachary headed to his place next to the number 3. For a while, he just refused to smile. The photographer seemed a bit inexperienced, so it was left to Scott and I to get him to smile. Finally, he did and we were lucky that the photographer snapped the picture at just the right second.

3kids.jpg Next, it was time to get a picture of all three kids. This is where the inexperience of the photographer really showed. Despite me asking that we not use Christmas backgrounds, out came the Christmas panel and props. The kids were excited about the stuffed animals and books, and I was too tired to fight about it. The picture she got was cute, but we figure we can do a better job with our own camera. And, we will.

scottlori07.jpg Finally, she took a picture of Scott and I together. This proved challenging because the boys decided to crawl around behind the curtains. As we were smiling to get our picture taken, Timothy was crying because he had once again been told to sit down.

Fun times. I am glad we just do it once a year. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures, just click here.



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