Go, Diego, Go!

I have meant to upload this for a week now, but I’ve been preoccupied. If you’ve read Scott’s blog this week, then you know why.

Despite what Zachary may say, my babies are no longer babies. We’ve recently celebrated Zachary’s third birthday. This was his first real birthday celebration. We had a nice party when he turned 1, but that was really more for us than him. In lieu of a party last year, we attended the Veggietales live event. This is the first time he’s attended a Parent’s Day Out, so he actually had some friends to invite.

We had the party at TEGA Kids Superplex, a local preschool / gymnastics school. Zachary had chosen to have a Diego / Dora party. He had six friends come and had a wonderful time. Here are the pictures:

Time flies.



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