Christmas Vacation Begins

After a week of parties at school, we officially started our Christmas vacation today with a trip to Santa Land. We had told the kids we would go yesterday, but poor Scott had a stomach bug. Santa is not that big of a deal to them, so they were were okay waiting another day. We’ve been to Santa Land two other years, so we knew to expect long lines. It would have been smart to arrive before the Santa line opened, so we wouldn’t have to wait long. Since Santa Land is fairly close to Tech, we considered the option of meeting Scott there after work. In the end, we decided we wanted to go as a family in only one car. It was a nice night (we’ve been there on really cold nights before and were miserable), so we were prepared to wait if necessary.

We headed out after Scott got home. First, we went to the Shrimp Galley for dinner. We’d never been there, and had been wanting to check it out. After an enjoyable (and tasty!) time there, we headed over to Santa Land. We knew as we pulled into the parking lot that we had a long wait ahead of us. Scott dropped the kids and I off to go get in line. The line was so long that it doubled back to the entrance into the Santa’s “house.” We could see Santa from our place, but were not allowed in yet.

Luckily, there was plenty to look at as we went through the line. The kids took turned walking around to look at the sights. Zachary was delighted to find a display with Dora and Boots. Emily found Tinkerbell. Timothy was quite impressed with the penguins. There was something for everyone and we took lots of pictures (will be posted when I get back home to my camera reader).

The journey to Santa went rather well. The kids were in pretty good spirits. They made friends with the kids in front of us, which kept them fairly well entertained. Zachary had his moments when he really wanted to be held, so Scott and I shared the responsibility (and the backache) that came with that. As we waited, the kids told us what they were going to tell Santa. Emily wants a Garden Girlz Meadow Mansion, boots, lip gloss, …., Timothy only wants a Carnival Clubhouse, and Zachary wants Dora Playdough.

The door to Santa’s house was in sight. It wouldn’t be long now. And now, Zachary informed us that he did not want to see Santa. We told him that was fine, but Emily and Timothy would get to see him. We walked in. Timothy saw him first (since he was most excited!) and did exactly as he said he would. He sat up there, smiled for the picture, and told Santa what he wanted. Then it was Emily’s turn. She also did a great job. Santa did a great job talking to the kids and making sure he knew exactly what they wanted.

Then, Santa turned to Zachary and asked if he wanted to come see him. Zachary said no and turned to leave, when Mrs. Claus suggested that he sit with Mommy by Santa. Zachary agreed to that, but wasn’t real happy. There was not screaming, but there was also no talking. Only the Candy Cane made him happy.

Oh well. Maybe next year.



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