Christmas Break: Day 2

Not really much to write about today. I have an awful cold / possibly the flu, so I spent most of the day in bed. Scott is over whatever it is that plagued him on Thursday, so he was quite industrious. That was a good Christmas present for me! He got the kitchen, master bathroom, and our bedroom clean. Since I was just laying around, I did manage to get clothes folded and get started on packing.

There were a couple memorable moments from the day that I just have to mention.
1. Around 1:30, Zachary wandered into the bedroom dragging his blanket behind him. I reached down and pulled him up into bed with me. He has been feeling real great lately either, so it was nice to get to cuddle with him. He and I napped there for a while. I woke up before he did (it’s hard to sleep very long with a 40 lb three-year-old on your arm), and I enjoyed just watching him sleep. When he woke up, he gave me a big smile. Love those moments!

2. Late afternoon, Emily came into the bedroom and announced that they had formed a club and that the boys’ closet was their clubhouse. It’s so rare that the three of the play together (one is usually playing on the computer), that I didn’t even worry about the mess that have a club in their closet would create.



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