Christmas Break: Day 3

Today was spent mostly on the road. We had decided to go to our church in Plainview this morning, so we needed to leave by nine. So, we did most of our packing last night. We had a few clothes to wash before we would be completely done packing, which we had put into the dryer just before going to bed.

We woke up at 7, and were disappointed to find the clothes were still wet. We’re not sure if it’s the dryer about to give up or if the vent’s clogged, but it usually takes two cycles to get a load dry. So, we ran the dryer again and started packing anything else that we could while waiting for the clothes.

It wasn’t long before we were ready to head out. I had purposely not gone grocery shopping this week, so there was not a bit of food in the house. We picked up breakfast at Sonic and were on our way to Plainview. We made it to church just in time. It was so nice to be there and to have our kids with us in worship. It is a growing fad to have children not be present in worship service, but I have to say that I prefer to worship with my kids there. But, I digress. After church, we said hello to friends and then headed on our way. We really couldn’t dawdle, especially since the dogs were in the van waiting for us.

Our next stop was Amarillo. After picking up a few stocking stuffers and grabbing a quick lunch, we headed to Gran and Granddad’s house to visit, exchange gifts, let the dogs run around a bit, … the list goes on. While we were there, we learned that we would not be able to visit Scott’s Granny until our trip back home in a few days. So, after our visit with Gran and Granddad, we headed to our next destination — Canadian.

Scott may not feel this way since he was driving, but the drive to Canadian went rather quickly. I daresay that it is because it is the first time ever that there was no urgent call from the backseat telling us a potty break was needed. That’s right! You read correctly. We made it all the way from Amarillo to Canadian with NO stops. We were there in time for supper, which was great!

After we all got settled in, the evening was spent being entertained by the kids and watching Polar Express on TV.



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