Christmas Break: Day 5 (Christmas Day!)

The day started at 7:30 with a squeal of delight coming from the boys’ room. They had been to the living room and seen that Santa had come. Then, in what I think it a great show of restraint, they had to returned to their bedroom until Scott and I went to see them and to tell them it was time to go see what had been left for them.

We didn’t make them wait long. Scott got his parents up and we made our way into the living room (Emily slept in the living room, so she was already in there). Timothy was delighted to find the one thing he had asked Santa for, a Carnival Clubhouse, along with some Go Paint pens, spiderman toy, and gum. Zachary received Dora Playdoh, which he played with for almost two hours by himself today, a hairball, a spiderman toy, gum, and a talking Diego toy. Emily was excited about her Garden Girlz mansion, pinprint toy, Tinkerbell doll, and gum. Santa had even brought toys for the grownups. I found a lovely necklace and earrings in my stocking, along with a cake decorating kit.

Unfortunately, gifts were not all that I found this morning. It seems that the stomach bug that Scott had earlier this week has made it to me. Added to the bad cold I’ve already been fighting made me pretty miserable.

Luckily, I was able to rest most of the day. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner with ham and all the trimmings, we watched the Nativity Story movie, napped, and did a little reading. Hopefully, I will be over all this soon. Scott is taking good care of me and making sure I get plenty of rest.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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