Christmas Break: Day 6

My day started with Scott and Zachary very sweetly asking me if I was going to sleep all day. They had been kind enough to let me sleep until 11:00. I feel better today. Not 100%, but definitely more like myself. The stomach bug seems to have run it’s course and the cold seems to be on it’s way out (I hope).

It was a good day. Considering that I slept most of it, there really is not much to say about today. We are still in Canadian. It has been a great, relaxing visit. Zachary has gotten very good use out of his playdoh (he now knows what happens if you mix blue, yellow, and green playdoh), Timothy has gotten pretty good on his vSmile (which he calls dSmile and Zachary calls a tSmile — don’t ask!) and on his Leapster, and Emily has taken very good care of her new Webkin poodle, Princess Leah. Scott and I have each gotten new books which we have spent a good bit of time reading. And I haven’t even mentioned the food. It’s been great!

Weather permitting, we plan to go home tomorrow. Scott has work to do not only to prepare for his new/old job that starts in a few weeks and some things to tie up at the job he is leaving, and I have things I need to do for my online class.



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