Christmas Break: Day 7

We’re home! It was a great visit, but it is so nice to be home again. For a while, we weren’t sure we would be home tonight or not. After spending most of the morning figuring out how we would get all our things into the van, we headed out after lunch. We had checked the weather and found that it would be fairly slow going until we made it to Plainview when things should clear up. We didn’t want a repeat of Christmas 2000, when we had been stranded in Sweetwater because of an icy patch on I-20.

We had one planned stop in Amarillo. Visibility wasn’t great and the roads were slick (Thank God Scott was driving!), but we made it with no problem. After a nice visit, we had dinner and then made our way back to the road home. The snow had picked up considerably while we were eating, so we were going slow. About 10 miles south of Amarillo, we were considering turning around. Scott kept going though. Around Happy, TX, we were going around 15 mph. A phone call to friend in Plainview revealed that their was some slick spots in Plainview, but no snow. So, there was hope that things would improve. So, we trudged along. In Tulia, the boys announced that they needed a pit stop. It was time for a break from driving, so we pulled in to the closest gas station. We offerred the dogs a chance to get out for a break here also, but only one of the dogs actually took us up on the offer. Lucy took one look at the snow and headed back to her seat.

Soon, we were back on the road. We had considered staying in Plainview to wait out the storm, but decided we would keep going. We had made it past the worst of it. As the roads went from slick to wet to dry, we became even more secure in our decision.

I have to say that the kids were quite good during the trip. We had to remind them to keep the volume down during the more treacherous spots in the road, but they really didn’t do too bad. We made it home around 9:00, and got the kids in bed. Then, I went through the mail and have done some of the work I needed to do for my online course.



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