Year In Review

Some of the other bloggers that I read do this, so I thought I’d do it too. To read the full post – just click on it. If you want to play….just copy the first sentence of the first or last (I did last because of a WordPress quirk) post that you posted in each month of 2007!

The 100th day of school was this week.
On Sunday morning, Emily woke us up telling us that she was ready to walk the aisle.
Words cannot express how special Sunday morning was.
On Tuesday, I had a meeting with our pastor about some plans the Acteens have made for this summer.
May is filled with ceremonies.
Remember the post when I explained that Timothy had announced that he wanted to be called Timothy Reagan Franklin?
This week marks the end of swimming lessons.
Yesterday was Emily’s birthday.
I have officially survived my first week teaching two-year-olds at Calvary.
We first noticed it in Kindergarten.
As we were driving across town to meet Scott for lunch today, Timothy told me to slow down because there was a dip ahead.
Happy New Year!


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