My New Favorite Place to Eat


We discovered nice little dive here in Lubbock that I have easily dubbed as my new favorite place to eat: Benaglio’s (Pizza! Pasta! Panini!). I only tried the middle one of that list of dishes, but that was enough to convince me that I am in love with a restaurant. 

Lori had been bugging to try the place and we finally saw commercial that intrigued me.  They have a pasta bar where you pile in your choice of pasta and toppings, choosing from sausage, seafood, vegetables and many other things.  You pass your bowl on to the cook and tell them the sauce you want.  I had two combinations last night when we were there.  One was angel hair, tortellini, and seafood topped with alfredo sauce.  Marvelous.  It is the best alfredo I’ve had since our favorite Italian restaurant in Lubbock closed down several years ago. It was easily better than my previous favorite at Olive Garden.  My second trip (yeah, all you can eat) was a southwestern sauce, spicy with cheddar jack cheese, sausuage, tortellini and penne.

The boys tried the pizza. Emily had a soup and salad bar.  After mooching off of mine and Lori’s pasta, I’m pretty sure they’ll be diving into the pasta bar next time we visit, which won’t be far off.


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