The Lord's Supper

image This morning our church conducted it’s first Lord’s Supper service of the year.  I prefer when communion is celebrated during the morning worship service as opposed to evening services.  The different churches I’ve attended over the years have varied enormously in this respect, selecting different times and different types of services.  This morning’s version was a very traditional Baptist communion service with the tiny little crackers being passed around followed by the passing around of small plastic cups of grape juice.  The pastor’s sermon was relatively typical, teaching us to remember what Christ has done and to prepare ourselves for the taking of the Lord’s Supper by confessing and “righting” our hearts for the ordinance.

The passage was from I Corinthians 11 where Paul discusses some of these points.  For me, the most special part of today’s service was having Emily join us.  Even though she’s been part of one communion service before at this church (Indiana Avenue Baptist), I think I cherish it a little more each time. 

We actually didn’t know we were having this service this morning. 

Each Sunday morning, we’ll arrive around 9:25 or 9:30 and drop the kids off at Sunday School and then head to the worship service.  We’ve chosen to join a Sunday School class that takes place at the later hour so we go to worship first, followed by Sunday School.  Today, once we dropped the kids off and entered the sanctuary I noticed the setup for the Lord’s Supper at the front of the auditorium.  I double checked the bulletin and, sure enough, it was on the program. 

I decided that it was proper to go get Emily about halfway through the service so that she could join us for communion.  I was very proud of her because once I told her the reason for excusing her from Sunday School, she was very excited. I made sure to ask her to tell me what it means when we take of the bread and the grape juice.  She quickly answered that we are remembering Jesus’ body and blood on the Cross.

It was really special to have my Christian family, including my little “sister” Emily taking the Lord’s Supper together.  It is one of those events for which I am appreciating the communal nature more and more each time.

By the way, I still make it a point to “crush” my cracker before eating it.  I think we miss some of the effect of the picture painted by the Lord’s Supper in this mass-produced form of crackers and grape juice.  I picture in my mind Jesus tearing the bread apart in front of his disciples as he says that this is His body, broken for them.  I picture him pouring slowly the wine into a cup, hearing the sound of it splatter into the vessel, while he tells them that this is His blood poured out for them.  So, like I said, I have to “break” my cracker before I eat it.  Don’t worry though, I don’t spill my juice before I drink it.  I use my imagination for that one.


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