Walking the Dogs

This past Saturday, we did something that should be commonplace for us but was actually a new excursion.  We took the dogs for a walk.  Emily has a project this week for Brownies: She’s supposed to be helping to take care of the dogs, feeding them, watering them and taking them for walks.  It just so happened that it was Timothy’s turn to take home the class pet as well.  Fortunately for him, the class pet is a stuffed animal: a dog named Buttercup.  Apparently each weekend, a different member of Timothy’s class gets to take the pet home and then write a story in the Buttercup Journal about his/her adventures.  After reading a couple of stories, I noticed that the gender of Buttercup changes from one story to the next.

At any rate, we took all three dogs for a walk yesterday around the blog.  We hooked on the leashes and for most of the way, Lucy walked Timothy and Cramer walked Emily. (Yes, I said that right.) Buttercup had the privilege of being held around the neck by Timothy for most of the way. 

It was a fun trip and something we should definitely do more often.






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