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I spend most of my days reminding 2 1/2 year olds to share. The littlw guys just don’t understand why they can’t have all the toys to themselves.

However, there are some things that I would prefer they keep to themselves.

After a couple days back at work after Christmas break, I didn’t feel too great when I went to bed that night. My stomach was upset. I was hoping that a good night’s rest would be all I needed to be well enough to go to work the next day.

I was wrong.

I woke up at 5:00 and was sick to my stomach. I was still feeling bad at 7:00, so I called in sick. It was Scott’s first day to commute back to Plainview, so he left about 7:15. I had very little confidence that I would be able to make it to Emily’s school and back (3 minute drive) without incident, so I called a friend who has a 2nd grade daughter at Emily’s school. She works where I work and has a 4 year old daughter who attends the same school as Timothy. She said she’d be glad to get Emily and asked if I wanted her to get Timo as well. I had asked Timothy what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted to stay home with me and Zachary. I had already decided that Zachary would stay home with me since my boss had indicated that they would pretty short staffed that day. Zachary was fine with that. So, I continued giving Emily instructions about how to pack her lunch and get her things ready for school. Then, Timothy found out who was coming to get Emily and announced that he also wanted to go to school. We had about a half hour left before my friend would be here, so Emily went upstairs to get Timothy’s clothes and she packed Timothy’s backpack for him. Timothy got dressed, but could only find one shoe. We had about five minutes to go. My head is swimming. Zachary wanted to sit and snuggle. The last thing I wanted to do was look for a shoe. But we looked and Emily found it. WOOHOO! The were both packed and ready when the doorbell rang. Emily definitely deserves a prize for being so helpful.

Once Emily and Timothy were gone, I went back to bed. Zachary was content to play with his toys, watch cartoons, and to come check on me occasionally. I did manage to get out of bed to have lunch with him and again when my friend brought the kids home. After a day in bed, I was able to go to work the next day. I was not quite at the top of my game, but managed to make it through the day. Although, I almost lost it when I opened a jar of vienna sausages in one of the kid’s lunches. ICK!

Thursday night, Zachary wasn’t feeling great. It was then that he started mentioning the various things that big boys don’t do. He’s got quite a list going now, but the new one from Thursday was that big boys don’t throw up on the floor. He really did a pretty good job of running to the bathroom when he was feeling sick. Poor little guy.

On Friday, everyone seemed to be feeling okay. I was starting to be hopeful that everyone else had made it through the stomach bug without harm.

Again, I was wrong. We were woken up in the middle night by Zachary informing us that he had thrown up in his bed. He didn’t have any more episodes, but spent most of Saturday laying around. Poor guy.

Sunday went great. We went to church. Again, I was hopeful that we were done.

Once again, my hopes were dashed. Emily came down at 5:00 to inform us that she’d thrown up. She has tummy troubles on occasion, so we weren’t convinced that she had the same ailment that Zachary and I had been through. When we checked on her at 7:00, she was not feeling any better. Poor girl. Once again, I called my boss to take the day off from work.

I took the boys to school, and then settled in to take care of Emily. When she’s sick, she’s the type who just wants to be left alone. I put the monitor in her bedroom, and headed downstairs to do some work. I had just settled in with some work for my online course when the phone rang. It was Timothy’s teacher telling me that Timothy was not feeling well. So, I went to retrieve the boys from school. Poor Timothy was laying down looking as white as a ghost. About two minutes after we got home, Timothy was sick.

Now Timothy is quite the opposite of Emily when he’s sick. He would have no part of being set up in his bed. He spent most of his day on the couch and would announce to anyone who would listen that he was about to sick, and would be quite upset if we didn’t all come running. Poor little guy.

About 2:30 that afternoon, Scott called to tell me that he was not feeling well. He was in Plainview at the time and said he would be heading home soon. Sure enough, he was suffering the same affliction that the rest of us went through in the previous days. Poor guy.

Tuesday morning, the kids were all feeling better so we all went back to school / work. Scott wasn’t feeling great, so it was fortunate that it was his day to work from home. It wasn’t until Wednesday evening that his stomach was feeling better.

Now that we’ve all been through it, I am really hoping the tummy troubles are gone.



2 thoughts on “Sharing is caring

  1. I thought of you while watching tv the other night. Paige Davis is being brought back to host Trading Spaces starting this Saturday night. I had stopped watching because I just never felt like it was the same after she left, but I”m interested to see if she can bring the show back to what it was originally when you and I fell in love with it in the first place. 🙂

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