Pounding the Pavement

Fundraising has changed a lot in the last 20 years. I remember going door-to-door to all houses in our neighborhood asking people to help whatever organization I was in go to camp…

We generally avoid fundraising when the kids bring home flyers. Door-to-door selling is discouraged and we don’t know that many people. Generally, we’ll buy something so they can get a small prize, but that’s as far as we go. At the beginning of the school year, Emily brought home a fundraising form much like those that we had when we were younger. The big difference was that this one included a website that we could send to people so they could order what they wanted. I think we ended up forgetting about that one.

This past Saturday marked the beginning of Girl Scout Cookie pre-sale. Emily is in Brownie’s this year, so she’s been busy taking orders from friends and family. When I first saw that she had to sell at least 25 boxes to get patch, I was worried. That was before I knew that Girl Scout cookies are extremely easy to sell. It takes very little convincing to get people to hand over $3 for a box of cookies.

Emily’s sell has gone very well so far. We went to Granbury last weekend to celebrate Dad’s birthday, so Emily was able to hit up Grandmother & Granddaddy and Uncle LD. By the time we came home, she already had orders for 12 boxes.

On Monday, she took the order form to school so she could hit up her teachers and friends. Her teacher was out that day, but she came home with the names of two friends who said they wanted cookies. I told her not to write down her friends yet, because we needed to be sure it was okay with their parents. I told her to get their addresses and we would go to their house after school on Tuesday. That night, she called Grandmama & Granddad, Gran & Ol’ Granddad, and a friend from Plainview to get some more orders. She did a very good job making the calls all by herself.

On Tuesday, I took the order form to work with me and got orders from all the teachers there. After school, we went to two of Emily’s friends’ houses. I must say that she is better than I ever was at selling. By the end of the day, her box count was up to 48!

Today, Emily took the order form to school again and her teacher ordered some cookies. I took it to work again and talked to any of the teachers that hadn’t been there yesterday. As of right now, she’s up to 66 boxes.

She’s done so well in 5 days, and has 4 days left. Emily’s going to talk to some of her teachers are church this evening and Scott’s going to take the form to Wayland sometime. She may just make it to her personal goal of 150 boxes if things continue to go so well.

Anybody want some cookies?



2 thoughts on “Pounding the Pavement

  1. Um, yes. I do. 🙂 I should check with my student who sold to me last year but if she’s not selling, I’ll even pay for shipping to ABQ.

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