This is going to be a fun weekend for me. I am really starting to get excited about it all.

Tonight, Scott and I are going to attend a Winter Gala at Wayland. The Gala is free and there is a sorority providing free childcare, so all we’ll be out is the price of gas to get to Plainview and back. Not too shabby. I am really looking forward to spending the evening with Scott. It has been too long.

Tomorrow, Emily and I have a date. One of our New Year’s resolutions was for two people in our family to go on a date each month. We’ve worked out a pretty good schedule. Scott and I will go on a date in February, April, June, August, October, & December. Our church has two monthly Parent’s Night Out events, so we’ll be able to get in on one of those for childcare. This month is mine and Emily’s turn, Scott and Timothy will go do something fun in March, Zachary and I are up in May, Emily and Scott in July, Timothy and I in August, and finally Zachary and Scott in December. I hope we can keep with it all year. Surely we can find time once a month to do something fun.

Anyway, Emily and I have decided to do something that only the two of us can do. Something girly. Tomorrow morning, we are going to get manicures and then going for lunch at a tea room. After that, we may go wander the mall or something. We’ll just see where the day takes us. I can’t wait!

Have a fun weekend!


2 thoughts on “Dating…

  1. Sounds like fun! Have a good time on your date!

    Oh, and I am tagging you for a meme if you’d like to do it… just go to my blog for the info!

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