Going flat

It was a rather long day today.  I happened to be in Plainview for most of the day since I was handpicked (or randomly selected, I’m not sure) to represent the division in a meeting for the on-site review from our accrediting agency.  Every 10 years, Wayland is put through the ringer to prove that our degrees are worth their salt, so to speak. It’s a BIG deal, but luckily my meeting was not regarding any major issue that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) were concerned about.  For three days during this process a SACS committee visits our campuses and has dozens (maybe hundreds) of meetings covering all sorts of institutional effectiveness issues.  As I mentioned, I was selected to participate in one of these “exciting” meeting.  It forced me to commute an extra day this week.  The unfortunate part of the story is that the meeting was only from 3:35 – 3:55 this afternoon, but I carpool to save gas money.  My carpooling colleague was also selected for a meeting that occurred around 4:30, but he has class at 8:50 on Tuesday so we left Lubbock around 7:45am and didn’t get home until after 6pm, all for a 20 minute meeting.  I did manage to get a few more things done at my office than I am usually able to get done on Tuesdays, working from home.

On the way home I got the dreaded phone call from Lori that she had “blowout” some time during shuttling Emily to and from her first cheerleading practice.  Once I got home, I spent the next hour and a half solving this problem.  It’s a shame to have to buy a brand new tire for a vehicle that you only expect to use for another 2 months at the most.

We’ve had problems with this tire already.  It had a slow leak for a while and we took it in to get fixed, learning that it was too worn in one place for Discount Tire to repair it.  We decided take somewhere else that would repair it.  It lasted a good long while but finally gave up the ghost. Everyone’s safe and the van has a very nice, if out-of-place, new tire.

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