The end of day 2 is approaching. It’s been a good day. Emily and Timothy had a good time at school, and Zachary and I enjoyed our day off. I’ve been fairly productive today. I guess going to bed the same time as the kids was good for me. If I continue like this for the rest of the weekend, Scott may decided that going to the conferences should occur more often.

1. Let’s see, when I left off the previous post I was about to get the boys dressed so Timothy could get to school. He has been learning the letter V this week, so he wanted to wear a vest to school. Actually, he wanted to wear a violet vest. He doesn’t own a violet vest, so he had to settle for his gray one with blue diamonds. He wore it over his Varsity Throwback t-shirt, so he was all set to show his teacher all the V’s in his outfit.

2. While we were dropping Timothy off, Zachary made his weekly visit to the director’s candy jar. Much to his dismay, it was empty. I managed to pull him away, and off we went to United to pick up some things that we hadn’t gotten at Wal-Mart the night before. Because we were only picking up a couple things, I let Zachary push one of the kid-sized carts. We were in the cereal aisle when Zachary exclaimed that he had found suckers and he needed to take them to school for Mrs. Tiffiany. He was holding a small bag of Easter dum-dums. I was touched that he was actually thinking of someone else, so I let him put the bag in the cart. He’s a sweet kid, but sweets are generally not something that he gives up very easily. I realize he probably wanted them so he could get lollipops when he wanted them, but it was still very sweet. Tiffiany was delighted that he had brought them to her, and he was duly rewarded with the first pick out of the bag before she put them in her candy dish.

3. By the time we got the lollipops delivered, it was time to get Timothy. He got his report card today. He’s following in the steps of his sister and is doing a great job in school.
timreportcardwinter2.giftimreportcardwinter1.gif His teacher said he’s right where he needs to be. I couldn’t agree more. It’s funny, as his class of 11 children has only 3 boys in it. One of the other boys moved to Dallas a couple weeks ago and the other one has been out every day this week. Apparently, Timothy has won the heart of most of the girls in the class. He always comes home telling us all about his girlfriends, and today was no different. He told me that he wished the other boy in his class would move away too. HAHAHA! I managed to keep a straight face as I told him not to say things like that.

4. Our afternoon was much like any other week. The boys watched cartoons and I continued cleaning. At 3:00, it was time to go get Emily from school. Zachary had fallen asleep on the couch by this point, so it took a few moments to get him up and coherent enough to go get her. I had invited a friend from Plainview to come help us go through all our pizza, so we headed home to tidy things up a bit. Then we found out that our friends weren’t coming, so we went back to our plan to rent movies and eat the TV dinners they had picked out last night at Wal-Mart. So, we went to Hasting’s. The kids chose “Dora Undercover” and “Barbie Mariposa,” and I chose “No Reservations” to watch after they go to bed. We’ve already watched Dora and are watching Barbie now as I type this. The kids are really enjoying themselves. Every five minutes or so, Emily exclaims that she LOVES this movie! It’s another in the series of the Fairytopia when Elina the fairy saves the day.

5. Scott is really enjoying his conference, as he mentioned in his blog. He has called just about every two hours during his breaks between sessions, and tells me how much he is enjoying himself. The only complaint he has is about the hotel he is staying in. He said he wished he had used priceline.com to get a room this weekend like we’ve done for our Spring Break trip. We’ll be staying at a La Quinta Inn for very little more than what he’s paying for at the Econolodge. At least the conference has been good, so he hasn’t been spending too much time in his hotel anyway.

Tomorrow, we go to Plainview for a party and then come back here for another one. It’ll be a fun filled day I am feeling better than I did this morning. Hopefully that will continue!


One thought on “Undercover

  1. While I am enjoying myself, I don’t want to do this any more often no matter how clean the house is. I miss my family.

    I’m so proud of all my kids.

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