Time to go

The dogs are gone to Canadian. We spent some time in Amarillo yesterday stocking up on necessary items for our trip to San Antonio. Yes, we could have purchased such items in Lubbock but wanted to make our trip to Amarillo about more than dropping the dogs off. In general, I think we should spend more time in a place than was actually spent travelling to said place. So, after a yummy lunch with Grandmama and handing the dogs over to her, we went to Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s, Walmart and then back to Best Buy and Target in search of some way to entertain the children during the road trip to San Antonio.

We ended up getting an 8″ portable DVD player and a neat little case that allows us to hang it between the two front seats. We looked at some that we could get installed from the ceiling, but those were out of our price range at present. We decided that this would work well until the time, if there is one, we decide that something a little more permanent is needed. This is something that we can use even when we are not in the car, like if Emily ever needs to go to work with Daddy again. We feel it was a good investment. And the trip home was really quite pleasant as the kids were straining to hear the movie they were watching (the FM modulator was at home).

Our plan has been to leave after church. Maybe that will happen. At present, our suitcases are about half packed. The last load of laundry is buzzing. And, I am sitting here blogging. I must say that it feels good to just sit though. It’s been a hard week, and I am a little tired from some medical issues that have popped up. It’s nothing overly serious yet, but surgery will be required at some point. I am hoping to put that off until summer. In the meantime, I have to avoid heavy lifting. I wonder how that’s going to go with my 40 lb three-year-old, 42 lb four-and-a-half year old and with the 8-10 two & three year olds who ask me to hold them on a fairly regular basis.

Now I really have to stop typing. Mainly because the children have descended upon me. We’ve already decided that we’ll be missing worship (we go to worship before Sunday School), but I wonder if we’ll make to Sunday School…

We’ll be in touch.



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