At Dairy Queen today, an older gentlemen asked me if the boys were twins. I’ve gotten used to people telling me that the boys look exactly alike (which I really don’t think they do, but have stopped arguing about it), but this is the first time I’ve been asked if they were twins. I told the man that they are not twins, but are actually a year and a half apart.

People may think they look alike, but I think if they spent even a little bit of time with them that they would know that their personalities are quite different. Maybe that’s what I see when I look at them, so I don’t notice them looking alike.



2 thoughts on “Twins

  1. You can tell they are brothers, but I’ve never thought they looked exactly alike, especially not twins. But, you know, I think I look more like O Granddad than Gran, but people always say all four of us girls look just like Gran. Who knows what physical traits other people see in us?

  2. YES! Someone who knows what I go through on a weekly basis! To me, my kids don’t look much alike outside of their coloring and similar haircuts. I bet I’m seeing their 180 degree different personalities shine through… And for the record, I think you can tell your boys are brothers, but they really don’t look THAT much alike to be mistaken as twins! When my boys were 2 and under 1, a waitress asked me if they were twins – That is a pretty big faux pau if you ask me – They were obviously not the same age… HAHA

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