Merpeople in the Living Room

I took another day off to recover today. Emily had to stay out of school another day anyway, since her fever had stuck around until 3:00 yesterday. When I called in to update my boss, she had asked that the boys stay home today just in case they were starting to get sick. No need to spread this thing around.

Scott did a wonderful job caring for me and the kids yesterday. He even gave the boys their bath and remembered to turn off Emily’s alarm clock before putting them all in bed. He went to Plainview today, so he left around 7:15. The house was quiet until 8:00, when we had small hail storm pass over us. That was all it took for the kids to wake up and insist on knowing what that sound was. Lucky for them, the storm had woken me up so I had a feeling they would be down soon. Anyone who knows me very well know that, in general, it’s a bad idea to wake me. It’s even worse when I’m not feeling well. I managed to not lose my cool with them since the storm is actually what woke me.

I finally dragged myself out of bed about an hour later to get everyone dressed and fed. We had a couple errands to run. I was not completely at the top of my game yet, but felt that some activity out of the house might help me feel better. It did seem to help a bit.

I was still pretty tired, so I did end up spending most of the day in bed while the kids watched TV. Things were really going fairly smoothly, and I am thankful that I was able to rest. At one point, I went in to the living room and found that the boys had found an interesting way to entertain themselves.

A few months ago, my parents got a new rug for their living room. Their old rug matches our furniture perfectly, so they brought it to us. We have hardwood floors, and have been casually looking for a rug but hadn’t found one that we just had to have. Well, the one from mom and dad is a perfect fit.

The boys found a whole new use for the rug today. I can’t figure out how to upload picture with the new version of wordpress, so I am going to try to describe this for you. They were sitting on opposite ends of the rug and had wrapped it around the legs. When I asked them what they were doing, they explained to me that they were mermaids in the living room. I reminded them that the rug is not to be played with like that and suggested that they use their blankets as tales instead. The blankets didn’t work as well as the rug, so the blankets were soon being used as superhero capes instead. Oh well.

All in all, it was a good day to be home.



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