Like Shearing Sheep

It seems to be the time of year that everyone is getting haircuts. Yesterday, I decided it was time to get my summer ‘do. I’m still not feeling great from the cold that I’ve been fighting for the last week and I have stressful week coming up, so I decided I needed a little pampering. I kept my long layers, but my hair now rests just below my ears. It’s very fun and carefree. I love it. If I can ever figure out how to upload picture to my blog now that it’s been upgraded, I will get one loaded for everyone to see.

I’m not the only one with a new ‘do. In fact, Emily is only one in the family who has not gotten a haircut in the last couple days. Scott got his cut today. The boys have been in need of a cut for several weeks, but Zachary has been pretty adamant about letting us know that he does not want one. Well, it hurt when we brushed his hair after bath last night, so Zachary finally consented to have it done. He told everyone he saw today that he was getting his haircut tonight. On the way home from school, Timothy asked me what would happen if they never got haircuts. I told Timothy that his hair would end up look like a great big puffball. He has been blessed with curly hair from my side of the family. It doesn’t grow down, it grows out. Zachary’s is straight, so I told him that his hair would look like Emily’s if we didn’t cut it. He thought about this for the rest of the drive home. Scott worked from home today, so he was already home when we arrived. The first thing Zachary told him was that he doesn’t want to be a girl so he wants a haircut.

We finally had time to give the haircuts just before bedtime. Zachary remained excited until he saw the clippers. Then, there was chaos. Through Zachary’s screaming, Scott managed to give him a great looking hair cut. Timothy was next. He has his moments of screaming and tears, but the end result was quite nice. Good job Scott!



One thought on “Like Shearing Sheep

  1. I feel like I was torturing them for information. “You’ll talk when I through with your hair!!” It was Guatanomo in that bathroom. I’m glad it’s over. And you’re right, they don’t look half bad. As my dad always used to say, they each look like a little boy again.

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