How to spend a Friday

The day started out normal enough. I got Emily up so she could get ready for school. It’s Friday, so Scott took her to school so the boys and I can leisurely get ready for our day. There is no Parent’s Day Out on Friday, so we have extra hour to get Timothy to school. Zachary and I have declared Friday mornings as “mama-time.” Unfortunately, this time is generally spent running errands. Today was no exception.

First stop after taking Timothy to school was to my surgeon’s office to pick up a lab slip to get one more piece of lab work done in preparation for next week’s surgery. Then I ran over to the lab, where Zachary entertained everyone in the waiting room. He had the very important job of choosing which chairs we would sit in. He takes this job quite seriously. This particular waiting room has mostly purple chairs, and some flowered print chairs scattered throughout. Zachary felt it was quite important that we both sit in purple chairs. But, finding two purple chairs together was not enough. It had to be among five purple chairs seated beside each other so that there would be chairs for “Emoy” “Timo” and “Daddy.” I reminded him that they were not coming, but he was insistent. He wasn’t bad, but he just really wanted five purple chairts together. Luckily the room was not too crowded and we didn’t have to wait too long. The receptionist entertained Zachary as I was being tended too, which means he left with a green bandage around his arm and several Chicken Little Stickers stuck on his shirt. I didn’t need any bloodwork this time, so I didn’t even get a bandage. People probably thought he was the one that was getting something done. Oh well.

After leaving the lab, it was time to head to a family doctor. I have been fighting this head cold and fever for over a week, meaning it was time to get something done about it. We haven’t decided on a family doctor here yet, so I decided to try out the closest place to our house. It’s brand new. Zachary and I got there about a half hour before my appointment. There were no other patients in the waiting room (which by the way has pink chairs and green chairs in an alternating pattern), so Zachary had no one to entertain. It wasn’t long until we were called back. The nurse asked about Zachary’s bandage, which he proudly announced was green! I assurred her that he had not had any blood drawn today, but that he had accompanied me to have labwork done. After I answered her questions about why I was there, she stepped out only to return a moment later with a piece of paper and three colors (all different shades of green). Zachary happily colored on his paper for the rest of the visit. The doctor came in, diagnosed me with a sinus infection, and sent me on my way armed with two prescriptions. I liked the doctor and the clinic. I thought it was particularly cool that they used tablet computers instead of file folders for charts. It was nice not to see piles of charts laying around.

After my appointment, we had just a little time before it was time to go get Timothy from school. Zachary and I headed home to rest a bit from our errands. After we got Timothy, we went to pick up my prescriptions and then headed to McDonald’s for our weekly lunch date. As we’re standing in line to order, my phone rings. It’s Emily’s school nurse calling to tell me that Emily has a temperature of 101, so she needs to be picked up. Much to the boys’ dismay, I order our lunch to go and off we go to get Emily.

After lunch, I called the pediatrician’s office to see about getting Emily in. We made an appointment for 2:00. I was fairly confident that she also had a sinus infection. We got to the pediatrician’s offce a few minutes before 2:00. Zachary didn’t even notice the color of the chairs, as this waiting room is quite kid-friendly. Bee Movie was on the TV and there was a table full of toys. We had to wait about 30 minutes and were then called back. The nurse supplied the boys with crayons and pictures to color, and then we were able to visit about Emily. A few minutes later the doctor came in and confirmed that Emily did indeed have a sinus infection, and filled out a prescription for her. By this time, the boys were done coloring so they just had to show off their Happy Meal toys. If you haven’t seen the latest toy from McDonald’s, they are these really cute American Idol dolls. They each play a different song. Zachary has Rockin’ Riley and Timothy’s has Hippie Melody. The doctor made a great show of humoring the boys’ excitement about their toys and said she would be taking her own kids to McDonald’s this weekend so they can get a toy like that too.

On the way home, I promised the kids ice cream for being so good at the doctor’s office. I had forgotten that we had thrown out all our ice cream yesterday because our freezer had stopped working (it seems to be better now that we’ve defrosted it). It didn’t matter anyway, as Zachary had fallen asleep on the way home. I’ll have to make it up to Emily and Timothy later.

Tonight should be fairly relaxing. All we have on the schedule is t-ball practice. Maybe we’ll all go to Sonic for some ice cream.



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